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You're not allowed to use my art without permission okay?! :)


Your Beautiful Art :heart:


EDIT: Starting from today, I'll add every entry next to the participant names!!! :3
And because some of you are really busy with school and other stuff, the Deadline is extended to April 7th

Hello Friends! I hope everyone is alright!

As said in the title "LET'S START THE CONTEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Wink) [V6] I'm really happy to see you are so many to be interested in it!!!! Thank you guys I'm so touched!!!

Let me explain I want to include new characters in my "Thanatos comic project" (Thanatos gallery) and I propose YOU to create them.

The game rules are the following ones
You can draw anything you want! A boy or a girl: young/old, thin/fat, small/tall, kind/evil, ugly/beautiful etc...There is no restriction! They also can have original skin color or some animal features. If you don't have any ideas for their clothes you can use traditional greek, egyptian or indian costumes ( and middle eastern clothes in general) to inspire you. You can also give your character his/her main personality traits and what he/she like or dislike, his/her job (for example fortune-teller, fisherman....) but that's optional.
I'm not expecting a masterpiece with a beautiful background and an awesome coloring (except if you really want to XD), just a character reference will be perfect!

I'll choose two winners and will add their characters in the main storyline. The other participant's characters will also appear in the story (only If you want) but will have a minor role!
In order to thanks you, I'll draw everyone contest characters. And of course, each time I'll draw them (in an illustration or in the comic) I'll mention you as the character designer!

Participants list


:iconlunabell:      Contest: Thanatos Project by LunaBell


:iconmurderduck:        for the contest by MurderDuck




To other people "you can still join the contest if you want" ;D

As :iconmalik-no-ga: asked me for some details about the project, here it is: (I tried to not spoil the story) I don't know if it'll help...


Thanatos : weird man who sell magic potions and other mysterious beverages. He works as a sandman at night. His pet is a fat magical bird named Piou. He helps him in his business and he’s a good company. He’s often sleepy and a bit lazy ( he sleeps in the morning). He’s a joker and he loves teasing his family and friends. He’s a sociable character.

Franadi : lively and adorable ;P little witch of 13-14 years old. Since she met Thanatos, she not let him out of her sight. She is in love with him. She has been bullied when she was a child because of her true nature.

Hypnos : He's Thanatos twin brother. He took charge of Thanatos business (as sandman) during his “absence”. Unlike Thanatos he is quite naïve. He really likes his brother even though they don’t live under the same roof. He wants to be like his brother but really lack of self-confidence. He is funny despite himself. 

Moros : Also Thanatos sibling. he is an eccentric character. His relationship with Thanatos is somehow complicated, yet he appreciates him. His occult powers are high. He smokes a lot and he has giant blue beetles as pet. He is a turncoat guy. He is having a love affair with Arès, a simple minded warrior with a big heart (however this one is surprisingly a good strategist)

Siamese sisters Kères : They are not in good terms with their family. Insane girls.

Hadès : Like the myth he governs the underground, in company of his spouse Persi and his dog Cerberus. He is a calm person and can’t leave his kingdom. He employed Thanatos as a sandman.

Isabella : Human dancer who is also Thanatos’s friend. She has been raised by crocodiles. She still keep their behaviors and is very embarrassed about it.

Eika : Small ginger haired girl with an explosive temperament. She is crazy in love with Thanatos and sees Franadi as a rival before becoming her closest friend. She loves bugs and dresses herself with clothing referring to nature. Her house is overlooking waterfalls. Her guardian is a giant. You can see how she looks like here, same with Raji : Ei-Ji lineart

Raji : Boy with a fox mask. This is a little crook who sells “magic” eggs. He is mischievous and liar. He also works with Thanatos. He painted a red eye under his bangs. He can’t comb his hair correctly. Just like Thanatos he doesn’t spit on money.

Rhadamanthe, Minos and Eaque : Judges of Hell.


The story takes place in an imaginary world with many influences.

Most of the main characters live in the town’s inn and stay in their official room (except Thanatos who lives on top of his shop). The town looks like a kind of mixture between a greek and middle east city. The town is wide and is divided into several quarters, however there are a lot of narrow streets. 
Wealthy residents live on top floors easy to reach by large stairs and overhelming the city. Differents races live together such as talking crocodiles ( They’re standing and dress up like human beings), sea creatures ended by a fish tail, birdy people and so on….Ordinary human beings don’t even know about those creatures because they live in the darkness of the night meanwhile other people sleep. Besides some special evenings the silent shadows parade goes down to the underground palace provided every humans sleep. It’s the high time for the sandman Thanatos to interfere, keeping them in the world of dreams. But if it happens that someone have to go out at night, he needs a special light source. 
Trivia: On a square people pay devotion to a giant egg, and some of them pretend to hear some strange sounds coming from inside the egg

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask me!  
                                                                     Thanatos and Franadi are holding a contest by ArsenicFlower
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